Going Places and Sharing Spaces

Only 3 days till we finally leave for England to be reunited with my family over there. Words cannot describe how excited we all are! My last day at work will be Monday night and I'll return mid September. The online booking system is open for you all to book in when I return but I'll be closing the online shop for now. In the meantime please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about skin stuff.

In other news, I'm extremely excited to announce that the lovely and very talented Jen Baldwin of MOONGAZER TATTOO is going to be moving into the Glamour Garage whilst I'm away and bringing her pixie flair to the space. Check out her elegant hand-poked and machine tattoos on Instagram. Her beautiful designs and fine artwork speak for themselves.

I'll keep you posted with my travels, 

See you in September,

Love Annie xxx