Making Moves

We made it to England but what a journey it’s been and I’m not just talking about the 26 hours on the plane!

It was heart-wrenching leaving our Australian family and friends and all my dear customers but we were welcomed home with open arms and the time with my Dad and the family in England has already proved invaluable.

Closing the Glamour Garage was the end of an 8 year era and also rather emotional. I didn’t quite sell it for the amount I was hoping for but have passed it onto a lovely family who I trust are going to take it places I couldn’t. The handover isn’t quite finalised yet so I will leave it there before I tell you any more.

I have been very busy in England, adding the final touches to our new house and setting up my new business Tweak to Chic. Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you’d like to keep in the loop. I’m studying the effects of Menopause on the skin and how nutrition can impact and aid the symptoms. It’s all very interesting!

Well goodnight or good morning wherever you are in the world.