Light at the end of the Lockdown

Hello everybody, no doubt you have heard from one source or another that there is imminent possibility of us all finally returning to “Some kind of normal" and "Living with Delta” very soon. Although we must understand that these announcements may be subject to change, I’m assuming that this may be sometime in October.

I will be following Service NSW intently to see how and when I can go back to work at the Glamour Garage safely and I can’t wait till I can finally see and treat you all in person.

From what we can gather, the eventuality will largely be dependant on the vaccination uptake and we will have to expect that without a double vaccination you will be unable to participate in the personal care services such as the ones I offer.

I am doubly vaccinated and will continue to closely follow the guidelines of NSW Health to ensure the safety of my family, my customers and the community whilst I work. Please understand that although I do not enjoy telling people what they can and can’t do, I will probably be required to refuse you service if you cannot prove that you have had a double vaccination.

I appreciate that everybody is entitled to their own views but please respect that I cannot breach the public health orders and I ask that you be sensitive to the fact that COVID-19 has affected me personally and is not a subject I wish to debate on.

Now all that serious stuff is out of the way, I just can’t express how much I’m looking forward to catching up with you, sorting out all those stray eyebrows and giving your skin some well deserved TLC.

Love Annie xxx