Some Good News!

Hello Everyone, 

I hope you’re managing to stay warm? Brrrgh!

I finally have some happy news to report. Aaron is recovering well from is recent stint at the Northern Beaches Hospital, thank goodness and as you can imagine, we are all very relieved to say the least!

Because he is now able to spend some more time with the children, I can finally pick up a few more hours at the Glamour Garage so make sure you book in online.

With the change of season, it’s great time to treat your skin to a facial, review you skincare routine or get stuck into some of the deeper treatments I offer such as CIT and Fusion Mesotherapy. If you’re not sure what to book in for, just select “Classic Customised Facial” from the list and I can analyse your skin and tailor a treatment or plan specifically for you. Please send me a message if you ever have any questions about your skin, products or the treatments I offer.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all again very soon,

Love Annie xxx