EPN  is the next generation of micro-needling technology. It is the only micro-needling device that has TGA approval for both the needle cartridges and the pen to assure its precision and safety. EPN combines the latest micro-needling technology with electroporation for advanced results.

EPN Device
TGA Approval Logo
ARTG Identifier Numbers
324419 (Hand piece)
324420 (Micro-needling cartridges)



CIT / Micro-NeedlingYou may or may not have heard of MICRO-NEEDLING or COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY (CIT), they are in effect the same thing. The treatment employs tiny medical-grade needles to create micro-channels in the skin, that in turn excite the release of growth factors leading to the synthesis of new collagen and elastin.

Unlike many other needling devices, both the EPN pen and needle cartridges are TGA approved to be safe and precise. The device can be adjusted to reach varied depths depending on your comfort levels and skin challenges.

Collagen Induction Therapy is a safe and an effective treatment for all parts of the body and can be performed on all skin types and colours.

Benefits of CITWhat are the benefits of CIT?

CIT is used for the purpose of generating new collagen and skin tissue for plumper, smoother, firmer skin. It can be used to target deep and fine lines, acne scarring, surgical scars enlarged pores, couperosis, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks.

What does the procedure involve?

After your consultation, the skin is cleansed and sterilised. The EPN needles are programmed to the target depth and automatically stamped onto the skin as the pen is slid over the treatment area to create thousands of micro wounds. This stimulates the skin to regenerate, initiating the  production of elastin and collagen. The treatment may be combined with an active serum and followed by an IMAGE Hydrating sheet mask & FLEX MD BOOST to aid with the healing process and speed up recovery.

How does it feel?

Depending on your comfort levels and the depth of treatment required, you may experience some discomfort during the procedure. In some cases, topical aesthetic may be used to alleviate this and can be purchased over the counter in most pharmacies. Please ask me for more information.

What happens after?

Immediately after the treatment you may experience some erythema (redness) and mild swelling around the treatment area that may last up to 3 days. Avoid touching the skin, UV exposure, make up and activities that result in sweating immediately after.


ELECTROPORATION is an altogether different technique in which an electrical field is applied to cells to increase the permeability of the membranes, allowing products to be introduced into the cell more efficiently. A concept the health and beauty industry have wrestled to master for decades.

What are the benefits of Electroporation?

ELECTROPORATION has been shown to increase transdermal product delivery by several orders of magnitude. This delivery system nourishes the cells to superior health, greatly improving the metabolism and functionality of your skin. Imagine a cocktail of superfood nutrients being delivered directly to where the cells can absorb and devour them. The infused serums will be chosen and customised to treat your specific skin challenges. The nourishing nature of this treatment gives a new meaning to “a healthy glow”.

What does the treatment involve?

ELECTROPORATION does not require needles and is a painless treatment that can be added as a booster to any other facial treatment.

After the skin has been cleansed and exfoliated, a customised serum or mask is applied. EPN device is set to the correct mode and glided over the surface to deeply infuse the product.

What happens after?

You may experience some mild redness and tingling but overall your skin will feel alive, plump and smooth.


FRACTIONAL MESOTHERAPY is the combination of both MICRO-NEEDLING (CIT) and ELECTROPORATION with FUSION (an aesthetic medical grade nutritional serum) into the target tissues and as you can imagine, is the epitome to increase collagen synthesis and transdermal product delivery to the highest degree.

What are the benefits?

  • Increased cell proliferation and cell regeneration
  • Improved skin texture
  • Improved skin tone and tightness
  • Improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles of up to 50%
  • Improved appearance of acne and surgical scars
  • Improved appearance of pigmentation
  • Improved appearance of rosacea
  • Improved appearance of stretch marks
  • Reduction in pore size
  • Minimal treatments for long-lasting, exceptional results.

The term “meso” is derived from the mesoderm or middle layer of the skin where the collagen, elastin, adipose and connective tissues are found.

FUSION MESO stimulates the mesoderm and is used to treat a variety of problems in the aesthetic field such as fat deposits, cellulite, hair loss, acne, scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, sagging, loss of skin volume & melasma to name a few.

What does the procedure involve?

“FUSION MESO” or FRACTIONAL MESOTHERAPY with FUSION is a medical technique where the combination of ELECTROPORATION with skin micro-needling (CIT) enable the direct administration of “FUSION”, a specialised, active nutritional serum, into the target tissues.

The skin is prepared with a hydrating enzyme exfoliant & sterilised. A customised clinically sterile solution is then prepared for infusion and the EPN pen is glided over the skin creating physical micro-channels to deliver it to the mesoderm for uptake in the cells.

Treatment will be followed by a FLEX MD BOOST and the application of a customised sterile cream prepared during your treatment, which you can take home and apply that evening.

Price includes an IMAGE post treatment travel kit.

How does it feel?

FUSION MESO is a similar sensation to CIT and depending on your comfort levels a topical aesthetic can be used to alleviate the sensation, this and can be purchased over the counter in most pharmacies. Please ask me for more information.

Due to the combination of the CIT and ELECTROPORATION the needle depth does not necessarily need to be as deep as CIT alone to reach the desired clinical end point, therefore a shorter recover period may ensue.

    What treatment options do I have?

    • CIT - $300 You can opt for this therapy alone.
    • ELECTROPORATION - $60 Add this to any facial treatment to deeply infuse any serum or mask.
    • ELECTROPORATION + FUSION INFUSION $120 This is the electroporation method with the integration of FUSION vials.
    • FUSION MESO - $400 The combination of CIT with ELECTROPORATION + FUSION for the ultimate injection of medical grade active ingredients into the target tissues for collagen synthesis and a multitude of other benefits.