Tastefully Tanned


When it comes to spray tanning, my personal opinion is that less is more. I use botanical, 2 hour, fuss free solutions to give beautiful, flawless spray tans which fade naturally, and don’t irritate the skin.

Choose from a light medium or dark application to compliment your skin tone.

Full body spray tan


Half Body Spray Tan


Face Spray



More about the solution….

ROXTAN - Why this tan ROX?

99% Natural Ingredients

Roxtan use only the finest and purest forms of natural ingredients – obtained from Coconut Oil, Sugar Cane and a diverse range of botanic plants & fruit.

Erythrulose Rich

Erythrulose gives you a more natural looking tan complexion and extends the life of your tan. ROXTAN uses a high concentration of Erythrulose to achieve 100% Natural Results.

Pharmaceutically pure DHA

Only the highest grade DHA has been used in formulating our solutions. It’s quality you will see!

NO Artificial Preservatives

Many synthetic preservatives can alter your hormonal balance – increasing the risk of some cancers. ROXTAN uses No Artificial Preservatives!

Alcohol Free

Alcohol is extremely irritating and dehydrating. It can cause flare ups in acne and can shorten the life of your tan due to its intense drying property. ROXTAN uses No Alcohol!

Paraben Free

A synthetic preservative proven to increase estrogen levels, increasing the risk of breast cancer. ROXTAN uses No Parabens!

Fragrance Free

Reduces the risk of allergic reaction. ROXTAN uses No Fragrances!

Anti-oxidant Rich

Fights the skin damage caused by harmful UVA + UVB radiation (ie. The Sun).