Home Facial Bliss Bundles

Home Facial Bliss Bundles

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Everybody needs some self love. Our skin is one of the first things to show signs of distress when we’re feeling troubled so I have decided to put together some personalised DIY facial kits, full of everything you need to treat yourself or someone special to a decadent facial at home.

Lock yourself in the bathroom or bedroom, stick on some chilled tunes and bliss out in style whilst you balance and nourish your skin with the magic of Image Skincare.

Simply select the conditions that apply to your skin from the dropdown menu and I will put together a tailored skincare collection just for you.

Feel good, soothe your soul and lift yourself up.

Order online for SENDLE delivery or select PICK UP and you can grab them contactlessly from me at home.


Image trial size Cleanser, Exfoliant, Mask, Serum & Moisturiser (enough for at least 3 treatments).

Handmade Magnesium, Mint & Lavender Bath or Foot Soak.

Handcrafted Lime & Coconut Soy Candle.

Herbal Tea & Lindt Chocolate.

Enjoy xxx