Silky Skin

The power of natural ingredients are sometimes underestimated.

Unfortunately many skincare companies offer broken promises and add harmful chemicals to their products which mask many skin concerns and in some cases, escalate the problem.

Through my studies of nutrition, anatomy, physiology and cosmetic chemistry, I have sourced some wonderful products & techniques to help balance, purify, strengthen & condition your skin. By approaching skincare in this way, I am able to treat many skin conditions & help your skin find a healthy balance.

I carry out a full analysis before each facial and customise every treatment to deliver the best results possible.

Facial Flash$40
Fabulous Facial$70
Fruit Enzyme Peel$70
Alpha Beta Peel$70


A bit about the products I use

Elements Bioactiv® Professional Bioceutical Skincare)

Elements Bioactiv® founder Galina Clare came to Australia, armed with a degree in cosmetic science, a practical knowledge of aromatherapy and a dream of creating a natural skincare with a unique difference.

Her vision was achieving healthy, beautiful skin by tapping into the skin’s own ability for repair and regeneration.

A brilliant formulator with thirty years of cosmetic industry experience, Galina fused together potent bioceutical ingredients, aromatherapy, and the purest Australian fruit and plant extracts for awesome results.

Our philosophy is ‘age less, feel good… naturally’. We are very passionate about skin and beauty.

We believe that beautiful skin at any age starts with nurturing the skin and improving its health and wellbeing.

Elements Bioactiv® professional bioceutical skincare does that and much more.

Elements Bioactiv® is an Australian-owned and made brand. It is specifically designed to meet the challenges of the extreme Australian environment.

We do not mass produce or stockpile our products, which means that you’re getting not only fantastic skincare products, but fresh ones too.

We do our own research, development, testing and manufacturing, which means we have complete control over our products and stand 100% by our skin care quality, purity and integrity or your money back.

Discover Elements Bioactiv® professional bioceutical skincare and see the difference in your skin.

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